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Akaushi Red Wagyu Cattle

Black:        $30     JC Takazakura 8311


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Black:         $50     JC Rueshawsan 65         


Red Influenced

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Black:         $50      JC Shigefuku 87               


Rare foundation genetics


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Red:             $60      JC Rueshaw 92     


Rare foundation genetics

Full brother to JC Rueshaw 75

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Red:            $60     JC Rueshaw 75                 


Grand Champion Red Bull

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Black:          $40     JC Yasushige 164                 


Low birth weights

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Red:            $40     JC Ruesakae 203                 


"Akaushi Plus"  son of JC Rueshawsan 65

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Prices listed are per straw for conventional, frozen semen, F.O.B. TX.

~ There is no minimum order. ~  

All sires are 100% full blood Wagyu and registered with the American Wagyu Association.

CONTACT US to order black Wagyu and red Wagyu semen.

Red and Black Wagyu Semen for Sale

Semen is currently available from these fine black Wagyu and red Wagyu sires: