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Akaushi Red Wagyu Cattle

Black Wagyu Bulls: See our Wagyu Bulls page.

Black Wagyu Females:  Full blood heifers are currently available.  See our Wagyu heifers page.

Black Wagyu Embryos:  

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Black Wagyu Semen:

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Red Wagyu:

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Black Wagyu Breeding Stock for Sale

Sires we utilize include...

Big Al

Haruki 2

Hirashigetayasu  ETJ001          

Itomorataka ETJ002

JC Rueshawsan 65

JC Rueshaw 92

JC Shigefuku 87


Kalanga Red Star

Kikuyasu 400


Red Emperor




Shigefuku ETJ005


TF Itomichi 1/2

TF Itoshigenami 148

TF Terutani

UKB Dai 6 Kitaseki 36M

UKB Terukane

~ For the typical cow/calf producer, a Wagyu bull will outperform most other breeds in fertility, longevity, heat tolerance, and temperament.  More important, half-Wagyu feeder calves can be sold at a premium due to the high demand for Wagyu beef.

~  For large cattle operations where ownership is retained through harvest, Wagyu influenced carcasses deliver quality and yield grade premiums on the grid.

~ For grass fed and local beef producers, Wagyu beef is more profitable than ordinary beef.  Consumers are willing to pay substantially higher prices for Wagyu.  It’s all in the genes, as they say, and the unique DNA of this breed delivers incomparable taste and health benefits.

~ For potential seed stock producers, full blood Wagyu breeding animals command high prices due to their extreme scarcity outside of Japan.  We have not begun to meet the demand, thus there is room for many more breeders.  

~ Wagyu are a pleasure to raise due to their super-sweet nature.  They are the perfect breed for 4H and livestock shows.

Why consider the Wagyu breed of cattle?