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Akaushi Red Wagyu Cattle
Black Wagyu semen

JC Rueshawsan 65 - FB14154 - $100 (female sexed only)                                       

(Rueshaw x SR Sanji)


Red Influenced

Thick, powerful, amazingly docile

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JC Shigefuku 87 - FB17760 - $50              

(Shigefuku x Itoshigenami)


Rare foundation genetics

Full brother to top selling female 2018 TX Wagyu Sale

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JC Hirashige 232  -  FB25641 - $40

(Hirashigetayasu x Sanjirou)


Low birth weights, good marbling & growth

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JC Kitanami 291 - FB 38413 - $40                              

(Kitateruyasudoi x Itoshigenami)

The ultimate in marbling potential.

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JC Shigeshigetani 325 - FB 75431 - $40

(Shigeshigetani x UKB Mr Yasushigefuku)

Great marbling & low birth weights.

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JC Rueshaw 92 -  FB16182 - $80

(Rueshaw x Umemaru)                                                      

Rare foundation genetics

Full brother to JC Rueshaw 75 and Rueshaw II

Very limited supply of semen available

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JC Ruesakae 203 - FB22823 - $30

(JC Rueshawsan 65 x Red Emperor)


"Akaushi Plus"  best of red and black genetics

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Prices listed are per straw, F.O.B. TX.

All sires are 100% full blood Wagyu and registered.

CONTACT US to order black Wagyu and red Wagyu semen.

Payments accepted by check or online via credit card.

Red and Black Wagyu Semen for Sale

Wagyu semen
Red Wagyu semen

Semen is currently available from these fine black Wagyu and red Wagyu sires:

Red Wagyu Akaushi semen
Wagyu semen

Note:  Most photos were taken well before bulls reached their mature size

Wagyu semen
Wagyu semen for sale