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JC Rueshaw 92

Conventional semen is now available on this stellar son of Rueshaw, who was the only Japanese National Champion Wagyu to be exported from Japan.  Although first to be registered with the American Wagyu Association, Rueshaw’s bloodline is rare in the full blood Wagyu population because only a small amount of semen was collected during his lifetime.  Between the time he was imported in 1976 and 2012, only one full blood offspring had been registered.

JC Rueshaw 92 has uncommon and valuable genetics on the maternal side of his pedigree, too.  His grand dam, JVP Kuniaso J 6124F, is considered to be the most phenotypically correct of the early red females.  

This young bull has excellent conformation and an incredibly docile disposition.  He is one of the most people-friendly bulls we’ve produced.  His birth weights have averaged a low 55# in full blood Wagyu and crossbred calves.  His full brother, JC Rueshaw 75, amazed the participants at the 2014 Houston Livestock Show with his record setting marbling scan.  To add to his carcass quality credentials, #92 traces back three times to the #1 ranked bull in the Japanese National Red Registry.

The effective population size of red Wagyu outside Japan is small.  With only 6 foundation sires and about a dozen females, some of whom were related, it will be extremely important going forward to incorporate outcross genetics, whether black or red.  For those building a red herd, JC Rueshaw 92 will be an important addition.  He will be useful to black Wagyu breeders as well for the same reason and also for the improvement in growth, thickness, and milk that the red strain offers.  He is free of F11, the only genetic disorder known to be found in red Wagyu outside of Japan.    

$80/straw, F.O.B. TX.  

  Outcross genetics

       ☆  High marbling

               ☆  Easy fleshing on grass

                        Low birth weights

                            (55# average)            

JC Rueshaw 92

@ 18 mo.

1,840# mature weight