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   Welcome to Chisholm Cattle Company.  Located in Central Texas, we are dedicated to producing the highest quality Wagyu cattle, including  Red Wagyu and Black Wagyu heifers, bulls, semen and embryos.  We are one of a select few breeders of Red Wagyu cattle in the U.S., which are particularly well suited for hot weather and grass finished beef programs.  We specialize in helping new ranchers get started with this amazing breed.


     Wagyu--the breed that made Kobe Beef famous--is the generic name for Japanese cattle.  Considered a national treasure by their native country, they produce the world’s best tasting beef and the most healthful, too, due to its uniquely high ratio of oleic acid.  In fact, according to noted fat expert, Dr. Stephen Smith of TX A&M University, Wagyu Beef approaches olive oil in health benefits.  It can be a delicious mainstay for those on a ketogenic diet.  Although contrary to the U.S. government's recommendations, this way of eating is proving to reverse or reduce a variety of ailments, including diabetes, and enable weight loss.

     Our focus is on providing full blood breeding

stock as well as top quality bulls for commercial

cattlemen and local beef producers.  Our breeding

program has a heavy emphasis on original import

genetics, including sought after  bloodlines such

as Itoshigenami, Rueshaw, and Shigefuku.  

We take pride in selling cattle that are calm

and healthy.  Wagyu bulls, heifers, and young cows are currently available.

     For more information.....     contact us, Jim and Joan Chisholm.


Wagyu Cattle, Embryos, and Semen

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