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     Also known as Japanese Brown or Akaushi, Red Wagyu are highly prized for abundant marbling and easy fleshing on grass.  Like the blacks, they produce delicious beef and they offer many advantages in a crossbreeding program.  

     The first two red Wagyu, the bulls Rueshaw and Judo, were imported to Texas from Japan in 1976.  Rueshaw was the 1975 Japanese Red National Champion and the only national champion Wagyu to leave Japan.  Three additional red bulls and a small group of cows arrived during the 1990’s.  With the Japanese government recognizing their status as a national treasure, no further exports of Wagyu cattle or genetics have taken place since then.

     This strain came from the Japanese prefecture of Kumamoto, which is located on the same latitude as Central Texas.  Although bred to thrive in the heat and humidity of southern Japan, red Wagyu adapt well to various climates and feeding methods.  Unlike the black strains, which were typically raised in confinement, the reds were developed on Kumamoto’s abundant grasslands.

   In comparison to the dominant black Wagyu strain (Tajima), the reds are generally thicker, with higher weaning weights, shorter finishing times, and more milk in the females.  Their phenotype is closer to western cattle breeds.  As was demonstrated at the 2014 and 2015 Houston Livestock Shows by the bull we produced, JC Rueshaw 75, they can marble just as well as many black Wagyu.  This bull had the largest rib eye area plus the highest ever marbling scan at the show in 2014; he also topped the list of contestants in 2015.  He and his semen inventory sold for a Wagyu world record of $500,000 in 2022!     

   Red Wagyu are perfect for improving carcass quality in a grass feeding operation.  Whether on grass or in a feedlot, finishing times are similar to other breeds.  With consumer preferences shifting towards higher quality beef, there is a tremendous growth potential in the Wagyu breed.  We can help you get started.

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JC Rumi 191 @ 6 mo.

JC Rueshaw 92 x JC Empress 101

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