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   Also known as Akaushi or Kumamoto Red, the Japanese Red Wagyu is highly prized for its finely textured, abundant marbling, easy fleshing ability on grass, and its suitability for warm climates.  Like the Black Wagyu, they produce the finest beef in the world and they offer many advantages in a crossbreeding program.  They also offer valuable outcross possibilities to the limited Black Wagyu gene pool.

    Fullblood Red Wagyu are rare in the U.S.  They represent a very small percentage of  all Wagyu, which itself is a small fraction of the U.S. cattle population.  Two foundation red bulls, Rueshaw and Judo, were imported to Texas in 1976.  Rueshaw was the 1975 Japanese Red National Champion and the only national champion Wagyu to leave the country.  A few additional red bulls and cows arrived during 1994.  With the Japanese government recognizing their status as a national treasure, no further exports of Wagyu cattle or genetics have taken place since 1999.

     The Japanese prefecture of Kumamoto, where the Red Wagyu originated, has an abundance of grassland compared to most areas of Japan.  These cattle were bred for development on grass and they excel in natural fleshing ability.  Located on the same latitude as Central Texas, Kumamoto’s hot and humid climate required a breed that could thrive in tropical conditions.  While all Wagyu are adaptable and heat-tolerant, the Red Wagyu are especially well suited for warm climates because of their lighter coat color.

    As cattle producers rebuild their herds to meet the growing demand for high quality beef, there is a tremendous growth potential in the Wagyu breed.  We can help you get started.

JC Umemaru 28 - Fullblood Red Wagyu


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JC Umemaru 32 - Fullblood Red Wagyu

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